A Clear Vision Filled with Hope for the Future

Each one of us strives to be like a grain of salt,
an ingredient that is essential for humans - and for the world.
Salt is intrinsic to life and history.

The right amount of salt optimizes the taste of each ingredient,
playing an important role, not at the forefront but behind the scenes.
This is the virtue that Japanese have pursued to the point where it has become an art form.

Salt is pure white, but becomes invisible with heat.
This is why we can create the optimal hospitality.
That is how it takes us into a world of exquisite flavor.
A small amount of something discreet can transform a boring flavor into a delicacy.

This is what we strive to be like as grains of salt
- grains with the ability to maximize the potential of others,
and grains that bring the potential out of each other.

The Salt Group has a great dream, one that we remain committed to for the long term.
Ready to take on any color and any taste, we share a clear vision filled with hope for the future.

About Our CEOThe progressive intuition of Morio Inoue, founder and CEO of the Salt Group


Encounter with people

At the Salt Group, the source of our ideas is the intuition of Morio Inoue, our leader. Our business always starts with the questions, “What can we create from the source of our ideas?” and “What are the added values that only the Salt Group can create?” This is combined with our encounter with people. In this way, people, events, and passions are connected with each other organically, causing chemical reactions for innovations.

Having a keen eye for talent as the first-class connoisseur

How can we develop outstanding people, goods, events, and services? We bring out dormant talents and cast them into shape as a first-class connoisseur with a keen eye for talent. Such an ability is needed in the world that is not restricted by boundaries of industries or established ideas.

From food to beauty, celebrations, crafts, goods, and even digital content - the Salt Group continues to evolve in a wide variety of fields as it gives shape to the ideas of creative people.

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