Our Company

The mission of the Salt Group is to develop sustainable businesses by collaborating with diverse partners around the world. We aspire to be an organization that is like a tree, one that extends its interesting and creative branches beyond the restaurant business and into the field of digital content and even the apparel industry, and which has its roots the spirit of Japan (universally good culture). Starting from our business in London, we have continued to pursue exciting and interesting businesses internationally, including in Asia. This is what we do at the Salt Group.

Extending around the world with creativity and a pioneering spirit

The Salt Group consists of five companies, at the core of which is salt consortium inc. Among them, salt & partners UK LTD. was the Salt Group’s first foray overseas. It functions as our base for establishing in the world businesses that emerge from the playful mind of Morio Inoue, with a focus on the United Kingdom. Moving forward, we aspire to be a continually growing corporate group that always moves forward in pursuit of new business partners in Europe and Asia, while expanding its businesses in the United Kingdom. We will also remain an organization that covers various business channels, including events, cosmetics, and the digital creative industry.

A Commitment to Creating Analogue Culture and Contributing to the Revitalization of Japan

While society is witnessing the rapid evolution of digital technologies, we at the Salt Group look at the world from a slightly different perspective. The aesthetic qualities of Japanese culture have been created by attention to emotions that are too subtle to be defined by 0 and 1. Our contribution to revitalizing Japan is through the boosting of the country’s analogue culture.

The essential element of events in Japan that impress overseas visitors is the analogue sensitivity to the feelings of others. Being analogue might seem anachronistic but in fact it is essential for delighting people all over the world. Being analogue means having access to infinite resources for impressing people.

The Salt Group aims to be an ultra-analogue team. Let everything -- from food to beauty, celebrations, crafts, goods, and even digital content -- be ultra-analogue!

Our group

Board Members

President & CEO

Morio Inoue

Vice President of Board of Directors

Junpei Kuroda

Board of Directors

Akira Shimizu

Non-Executive Director

Hirofumi Kawamura

(kaland, Inc. / President & CEO)

Non-Executive Director

Yasumichi Morita

(GLAMOROUS co.,ltd. / President & CEO)

Non-Executive Director

Yohsuke Itoh

(Blue Note Japan, Inc. / President & CEO)

Non-Executive Director

Keita Kanno

(WHITE PAPERS Ltd, President & CEO)

Corporate Auditors

Junzo Hosono

(Free-Balance co, Inc. / President & CEO)